• Apple-Hunt Cannula/Trocar

For Uninhibited Laparoscopic Access

The Apple-Hunt Cannula/Trocar provides greater instrument maneuverability while maintaining an airtight seal – with no bulky external valves, fittings or housings. The ergonomic trocar design features a smooth cannula/trocar transition for easier sleeve insertion and reduced risk of patient injury. Fascia threads hold the cannula securely in place, regardless of the number of instrument changes. And with its 5.7 mm inside diameter, even 3.0 mm instruments pass through smoothly.

900-800 - 900-847 - 5 mm Apple-Hunt Secondary Cannula/Conical Tip Trocar with Side Port - extended length (2-Pack) (5/Box)

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Apple-Hunt Cannula/Trocar

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