• RUMI II Tips

Single-use intrauterine tips are available in six sizes to accommodate individual patient anatomy. Made from flexible silicone, these uterine tips have a soft, flexible distal end to reduce the risk of uterine perforation and trauma. Their strength and flexibility allow the intrauterine balloon to be inflated with saline, providing unmatched durability even during caudal retraction.

* Used together with RUMI II handle or RUMI Advincula Arch Handle

  • UMO672 - RUMI II Tip Orange, 6.7 mm x 12 cm (5/Box)
  • UMY514 - RUMI II Tip Yellow, 5.1 mm x 3.75 cm (5/Box)
  • UML516 - RUMI II Tip Lavender, 5.1 mm x 6 cm (5/Box)
  • UMW676 - RUMI II Tip White, 6.7 mm x 6 cm (5/Box)
  • UMB678 - RUMI II Tip Blue, 6.7 mm x 8 cm (5/Box)
  • UMG670 - RUMI II Tip Green, 6.7 mm x 10 cm (5/Box)

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