• ZUI 2.0 Uterine Injector

ZUI 2.0 (Zinnanti Uterine Injector) is a single-use, sterile/disposable, clear polyvinyl chloride uterine injector which meets USP recommendations for implant testing. This product is designed with a double-lumen, one for inflation of a 2 cc intrauterine cuff and the other for injection of fluid through a distal endport. The product is slightly curved to facilitate easy entrance into the uterus through the cervical canal. The product features an inflation valve (A), an endport (B), an inflatable cuff (C), a removable cervical stop (D), and a stopcock (E) to accommodate a syringe. The device has a length of 23 cm and an outer diameter of 2.0 mm.

ZUI Uterine Injector

Product Code: ZSI1153

Packing: 12pcs/box

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ZUI 2.0 Uterine Injector

  • Product Code: ZSI1153
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