• Cerclage Pessary
Cerclage Pessary- Used for treating pregnant women
with cervical incompetence / cervical insufficiency.  
* With history of premature labour      
* Indicated in pregnant women suffering from prolapse of the 
    genital organs.          
* For the relief and sacral orientation of the cervix of pregnant 
   women (e.g. prophylaxis for preterm birth or multiple births).
Cerclage Pessary Sizes:-  ID:     32mm or 35mm  
      OD:   65mm or 70mm  
      HT:    17,21,25 & 30mm  




32-65-17   MED1000084  
32-65-21   MED1000050  
32-65-25   MED1000086  
32-70-17   MED1000087  
32-70-21   MED1000088  
32-70-25   MED1000089  
35-65-17   MED1000090  
35-65-21   MED1000091  
35-65-25   MED1000092  
35-65-30   MED1000093  
35-70-17   MED1000094  
35-70-21   MED1000095  
35-70-25   MED1000096  
















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Cerclage Pessary

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