Used for Treating Vaginismus and Vaginal agenesis (Absence of the Vagina).

MILEX Silicone Vaginal dilators can be used to overcome the pain of sexual intercourse. .

Vaginal dilators are also recommended following reconstructive surgery and radiation therapy to help keep the vaginal canal supple.

Also Available: Vaginal Rectal and Peads.



A MX20 MILEX Silicone Vaginal-hymenal Dilators, set of 4's 1 set
    Consists of:    
1 MX20I Small (130 x 24mm)    
2 MX20IM Medium  (140 x 28mm)    
3 MX20IL Large (146 x 32mm)    
4 MX20IXL Ext. Large (157 x 38mm)    
    Rectal / Vaginal Dilators    
B MX25 MILEX Rectal/Vaginal Silicone  Dilaotrs, set of 4's 1 set
    Consists of:    
1 MX25IS Small (76 x 17mm),     
2 MX25IM Medium (80 x 24mm)    
3 MX25IL Large (90 x 28mm)    
4 MX25IXL Ext Large (100 x 34mm)    
    Paed Vaginal Dilators    
C Mx23 MILEX  Silicone Paed. Vaginal Dilators, set of 4's 1 set
    Consists of:    
1 MX23I Small (52 x 13 x 10mm)    
2 MX23IM Medium (63 x 14  x 11mm)    
3 MX23IL Large : (68 x 16 x 13mm)    
4 MX23IXL Ext. large : (76 x 18 x14mm)    

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MILEX Silicone Vaginal dilators

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