Vaginal Gel



Anime Lubricant with hyaluronic acid, 50ml
* For improved lubrication during sexual intercourse and nourish
* The vaginal muscles for easier stretching during dilatation.
* Hyaluronic acid supports healing of sore areas and small tears
* Can be used for vaginal dryness
* Water-based, free of parabens, colourless & odourless.
* pH value of 3.5 – 4.5


Klick Natural Glide, long lasting Aqua gel
Klick Natural Glide is a mild and gentle lubricant with carefully selected ingredients
For long-lasting glide effect. A lubricant that is water-based and has a neutral pH of 5.0.
* Provides long-lasting slide effect
* Natural and gentle on the body
* Non-sticky and does not dry out.
* Dermatological and gynaecological tested


Prefect Vaginal Gel for couples trying to conceive.
Prefect Vaginal Gel is a water based lubricant that supports sperm activity.
* Its osmotic properties provide optimum environment for manoeuvre, Boosting sperm motility.
* With a low pH of 7.2, protects sperm for ideal condition for it’s survival
* Used on the 3 most fertile days of the female ovulation cycle.
Packing: 8 x 4ml tubes.


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